Our Products

UnfoldLabs is all about innovation, passion, and creativity. As a passionate team of strategists, creatives, and technologists, we are devoted to a culture that explores and cultivates, offering world-class products and experiences to both customers and suppliers! Our can-do attitude will transform the seemingly undoable tasks to concrete solutions, turning risks and challenges into opportunities.

UnfoldLabs products are usually downloadable for users for appropriate platforms like mobile or various operating systems. There is also a cloud-based web interface available for our users, clients & customers to review functionality/features.


Coscreening is an API-driven cloud-based collaboration platform that allows users to share screens, co-browse, record remotely & securely

  • Simple & Fast Collaborative Screen Sharing
  • Recordings on On-Premise or Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) of Choice
  • Easy Integration to 3rd Party Software: On-Premise or Cloud
  • Security Built for Resilience with Authentication
  • No Additional Software Installation Required
OSHA Digital

OSHA Digital provides standards, safety and health information required at workplaces and ensure safety to workers & employers.

  • Help employees & employers improve job site safety
  • Automatic Detection of Light, Heat, Noise & Falls based on OSHA standards
  • BMI Calculator that helps & provides insights to employees
  • Simple and Easy forms for online submission of OSHA Complaints
  • Direct links to the content addressing topics from various industries

KidSecure is a safe and secure parenting control application to monitor & track the activities of kids on a mobile device and reduce/ manage screen time easily.

  • An innovative parenting control platform
  • Reduce & manage screen time of your kids
  • Remote lock/ unlock devices
  • Locate/find your lost mobile phone easily
  • Tack cellular data usage on daily basis
  • Customized daily reports

ReQorder is an API-driven screen-recording software platform that allows users to record co-browsing sessions, demos, presentations, and chat conversations.

  • API Driven Screen Recording Platform
  • Chrome Extension Available
  • Storage – Cloud or On-Premise
  • Adaptable Platform - Easy Integration
  • Customizable Dashboard, Secure Recordings
  • Role-based Access Control

uFallAlert is the innovative solution that helps detect a fall instantly and sends out alerts to your designated emergency contacts.

  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Inactivity Tracker Option
  • Low Battery Alert
  • SOS/Alarm Trigger
  • Email & SMS Alert Options

unfoldQuotes is the best Android application with a wide collection/variety of quotes that can be viewed based on categories.

  • Large collection of quotes for all the emotions – categorized
  • Easy to Save and Download quotes on your device
  • Like your favourite quotes and save it to My Collection
  • Share your favourite quotes on different social networks with just one click
  • Best user experience with swipe in and out

DistanceD - DistanceD helps monitor distance between two devices/people to ensure a safe & healthy lifestyle

  • Find a device/ user nearby
  • Reports – Devices nearby in a timeline
  • Scan Devices nearby
  • Alerts a user when another user comes in the range

MySecureME - Protect Enterprise Network, Secure Your Devices. It makes Mobile Device Management accessible and affordable for Small & Medium Businesses.

  • Simple & Complete Mobile Device Management Platform
  • Easy and Flexible Applications Management Platform
  • Content Management Keeps Data Safe & Business Moving
  • Easy Enrolment & Authentication for Mobile Devices
  • Loaded Insights of Device Location History
  • Customized Report for User Activity – Device Analytics

MyFamily is a tracking and monitoring platform for families who want to be aware of the activities of their near and dear ones.

  • Manage Screen Time & setup Daily Time Limits
  • Restrict user device for particular Hours/ Mins in a day
  • Lock/ Unlock Family Members/ Kids device instantly
  • Block unauthorised web URLs, Apps & Games
  • Manage Contacts in your Family Members/ Kids device
  • Set Geofence - Track & Monitor Location History

SecureME is an Android Kiosk Launcher that prevents user interaction or any other activity outside the scope of defined execution.

  • Enabled with a password protected
  • Most innovative & Unique Android kiosk mode launcher
  • Single and Multiple kiosk Mode
  • Each group can be themed and personalized

2020Applock – Best Applock for Android. Protect the privacy of your content on your device (tablets, smartphones) with password or pattern.

  • Secures your applications in the device (System and Installed)
  • Pin & Pattern locks available
  • Auto lock option helps you lock newly installed apps
  • Enable & disable the lock for applications from 2020AppLock home screen
  • Advertisement free app – No Ads to annoy you while using the application

2020Wallet helps you to save all your credit/debit cards, and important documents - it protects all your passwords in a single app.

  • Store all your vital data, like your banking cards, driving license, lease documents, etc.
  • Store unlimited documents and access them anytime
  • Save your passwords and other important documents in an easy manner
  • Organize your passwords & arrange them in groups
  • Secure access login to access your information anywhere
Retired Products

Switching your mobile devices is now much easier with MobileSwitch. Transfer all your contacts, calendar events, etc.

  • Intelligently transfers user content across mobile platforms
  • iOS to Android, Android to iOS, Android to Android
  • Multiple data types supported – 1st in the industry
  • Transfers Quick & Simple

Photo printing from the phone is now easier. Click, collect & hold your memories. Print & hold your moments with unfoldPrints.

  • Helps print from mobile/device to over 8000+ stores in the US
  • iOS to Android, Android to iOS, Android to Android
  • Multiple data types supported – 1st in the industry
  • Transfers Quick & Simple

Best Android Optimizer, App Manager, Speed Booster, Secures Data, App Lock & Battery Saver - Red Green helps Speed up & Clean up your android device.

  • Android Devices get Optimized
  • Allows Applications to be locked for Privacy
  • Stops User Information from being stolen by rogue applications
  • Saves Battery
  • Helps Manage Applications