Perfect Distance Calculator

Monitor, Track family/friends/colleagues/employees/others based on their distance and
contact them immediately when required (alerts, emergency, help and information).

Define Range/Label & Find/Scan Devices


  • Find similar devices within/outside a specified distance
  • Customized alert sounds (Audible, Email, Call, SMS) for notifications
  • Personalized device scan range values in feet
  • User defined scan time intervals (5-60 seconds)
  • On/Off toggle button for notifications
  • On/Off toggle button for device scan


  • Monitor/contact users in/out a specified distance
  • Track people (ex: kids, employees) when moving out of the given safe area
  • Notify when users move in/out a defined distance
  • Label groups of devices for easier tracking
  • Reduce risk of in-person interactions
  • Practice Social Distancing, ensure safe lifestyle of transmission

Reports & Permissions

  • Distance, location-based reports
  • Date & time-based reports
  • Labelled device details (in/out)
  • Bluetooth permissions (to scan devices nearby)
  • Location permissions (to find location & send alerts)
  • Device permissions (for calls & SMS)


Download and install DistanceD >> Go to “Settings” >> Enter Scan Interval Time and Scan Range. You can now scan all the devices nearby.

Go to “Settings” >> Enter the user details under “Emergency Contact”. Contact given here will get an alert when user moves in/out the defined scan range.

Users can scan devices within 12 Feet only.

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Track your favourite people within or away from a specified distance.

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