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Everyone has a lot of sensitive information in the applications installed on their smart device (mobile, tablet, phablet, etc.). We store pictures, documents, messages and other personal information in them. And it is important to have an app protector as we share our device with others for many reasons. 2020Applock, the application locker protects your data even when your device is shared with others.

Messaging apps, gallery, contacts, mail, etc. can be locked with one of the best applock for Android – 2020Applock. We ensure high security for all your apps and data. Download and install this advance protection applock from Google Play for free.




2020Applock – Innovation & Features

Secure your Data / Applications on your Android Device

- Guard your private data and privacy.
- Keep your apps protected and safer.

Intruder, Alert Protection

- Take photo of intruders who are trying to break in your phone
- Record intruding time and data for further check

Time Based Lock & Unlock

Setup time for Lock / Unlock apps at certain time.

Intelligent Notifications Manager

Let's you classify notifications and organize them, it helps you block and customize the notification alert.

Lock New Apps Automatically

Once installed and set, you need not lock the newly installed applications. Select the option Autolock and 2020Applock will take care of the rest.

Lock with PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint Recognition

2020 Applock is an AppLocker or App protector that will lock and protect apps using PIN, Pattern and Fingerprint. It has a feature for forgot password - you can set your new password via email instructions.

Pin AppLock

It provides smart PIN lock for data and app security.

Pattern AppLock

Pattern lock is easier and faster to unlock the apps. Set it up by your own gesture to secure the apps.


2020AppLock supports convenient and powerful lock with fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint enabled app lock keeps your phone safe and secured.

Ads Free Application

Ads appear and annoy us while using an application. 2020Applock is the Ads free application for Android. You can have a better experience while using this to lock and unlock apps in the smart device.


2020AppLock Highlights



Go to Home screen > Click anywhere to enter Pin/ Pattern > Confirm Pin/ Pattern. Select the apps that you want to lock.
Settings >> Security Settings >> Enter existing PIN >>Set New PIN & Confirm >> Done.
Go to Settings > Change Pattern > Draw a new pattern.
Settings >> Get 2020Applock Pin >> Email to reset PIN/Password >> Enter 4/6digit pin >>Reset.
Yes, 2020AppLock automatically starts and protects your locked apps when the phone restarts.
If you have Smartphone with fingerprint supported hardware and powered by Android, 2020AppLock can automatically trigger fingerprint option to unlock the phone.
You must have password to uninstall this smart 2020AppLock, if you forgot password you can reset it via security email.


To protect your privacy, download and install the best applock for Android – 2020Applock now.


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