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MyFamily is an innovative digital parenting platform to protect your family from online threats and make them safe & secure. It allows you to supervise, manage, monitor, control & protect your family on Web, Android & iOS Platforms. You can monitor the usage of the devices of your kids/family. MyFamily is strategically designed to protect & secure your family. MyFamily has innovative features like Website Control, Track Location, Block Apps, Remote Lock/ UnLock, Screen Time & Limits, Geo-Fencing, White Listing of Calls/SMS and "Kids-Safe" Kiosk Launcher for Devices.


Key Features

Discover a seamless experience with MyFamily

Daily Time Limits
Set daily time limits on devices/apps by hours/minutes a day of week.
Restricted Times
Auto-lock devices at specified time during a day. Empower family members/ kids to make smart choices and stay within a time limit.
Apps & Games
Restrict usage of apps/ games to improve the digital wellbeing of the family.
SOS Alerts
Instant notifications to family members.
Alarms & Reminders
Set Easy & Quick alarms & reminders. Never miss any task/ activity of family.
Set Geofence
Live monitor and track kids/ family members by creating one or more Geo-Fence(s) - radius or polygon.
"Kids-Safe" Kiosk Launcher
Personalized & secured home screen launcher in kiosk mode with password protection.
Web Filtering
Prevent access to specific websites for safe browsing and safeguard family members from inappropriate website content.
Remote Lock/ Unlock
Remotely lock/ unlock and protect sensitive data when device is lost/ stolen.

Daily Time Limits

  • Manage screen/ apps time
  • Limit time on devices/ apps by hours/ minutes a day of week
  • Restrict users based on time of day/ day of week
  • Lock & Unlock Devices automatically based on profile
  • Focus without distractions - school time, work time, family time etc.

Set Geofence

  • Set one or more Geo Fence(s)- radius or polygon
  • Live monitoring & tracking
  • Sharing live location with Family
  • Alerts & messages if fence entered/ breached
  • View location history

Apps & Games

In this feature, User can block the apps which are not intended to use by his family members.
Apps & Games
  • Block apps/ games that are not intended to use by family members
  • Empower digital wellbeing of Family

Web Filtering

  • Set up white lists of websites that can be accessed
  • View web browsing history
  • Set up black lists of web sites that can be blocked
  • Track time spent by kids/family members