Product Development Services

Product development services at UnfoldLabs involve the process of designing, creating, testing, and launching new products or services in the market. These services/products can help businesses of all sizes to turn their innovative ideas into tangible products that meet the needs of their target audience. Whether you are a startup or an established business, working with us can help you to turn your ideas into reality and achieve success in your industry.

Strategy and Innovation


With a strong background in mobile and cloud computing, UnfoldLabs helps enterprises and mid-market companies with their mobile and cloud strategies. This is done by doing the right market research that considers the core business of the company and helps create a sound strategy to achieve new heights. We are data-driven and can provide the right recommendations, while quantifying the underlying risks and opportunities, so that the C-level management team can make the right decisions. In cases where organizations are looking for strategies for product development, we at UnfoldLabs deliver complete business plans, from ideation to execution of the product ideas, with clear-cut return on investment and go-to-market strategies



Innovation requires fresh pairs of eyes. We at UnfoldLabs have a proven track record in Innovations for the new frontier. We can talk with your teams, understand the current products, and provide innovative solutions for newer products and services, thinking out-of-the-box. A Focused team from your organization can provide us feedback before we take the proposals to the management, ensuring that the ideas are bought by all. Once the product or the service is finalized, UnfoldLabs can work with your team in coming up with a complete business plan, including schedules, execution plan, risk-management plan, cost, USP, ROI and marketing/go to market strategies.


If you have ideas and are looking for funding, we can help there as well. We have experience in bringing new products to markets, be it a startup or a large company. We can help position your products/ services/ companies in front of funding teams and help create the “Pitch-Deck” that is investor-friendly, improving the chances of securing the funds.


Architecture, Design & Development

In this digital-era, all are moving to cloud and depend on mobile solutions for their interactions with the consumers. UnfoldLabs has a strong expertise in this area and can cover both iOS and Android solutions. Our architecture takes into account the strength and weakness of cloud-based solutions and can optimize the solutions accordingly. Based on the needs and financial resources of the customers, we are in a position to deliver quality products. We have the flexibility of using on-site/ off-site (based in San Diego) teams & off-shore teams from our offices in India. UnfoldLabs is focused on quality – quality in our interactions, quality in our products, quality in our adherence to schedules. We assure you high quality projects and products, with customer satisfaction as one of our core values.

Product Development

User Experience Design

User experience plays an important role in the success of any product. We at UnfoldLabs understand the importance of user-centric design. We will work with you to define the use case flows based on the consumer design paradigms. We are well versed in UI/ UX design and information architecture that are critical in product development. This will be aptly supported by strong data driven/ analytics architecture ensuring a flexible and data-driven UI/ UX that can drive user-friendly customer interactions.


Product Management & Maintenance

Our product managers are hands-on technical folks and not just managers. Their technical expertise ensures that the products that are reaching the market are of the highest standards, while having the project management skills to keep the budget and schedule in check. Efficiency and quality are their mantras. Using agile methodologies and scrum-based meetings, we will partner with your teams to ensure that we deliver what customers want, and not just have a cool idea with no buyers. Our expertise on iOS and Android application stores can help you get your products certified and have the right content for delivery.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market Strategy

Most of the products lose out before reaching the market. We at UnfoldLabs, understand these risks and help you define the key performance indicators, with clear product goals, value proposition to the end customers. We understand the US market well and we can help you capture that market through positioning your products at the right place at the right time.


Product Marketing

UnfoldLabs can help you with product marketing plans – this could involve doing a core competitive analysis and positioning in the market with the right features. Building a Unique Selling Proposition is key to working on some cool innovative products and bringing them to market. We will also do a thorough competitive analysis and will recommend a roadmap for the product to be successful over the lifetime of the product.


UnfoldLabs can help you with marketing of your product via B2C strategies like social media marketing and PR strategies. We can also help you with Product marketing, sales, and business development activities as we have an extensive experience in the technology industry and help you position and sell your products.