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Save all your Personal Cards in one Place!

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Maintain all your Important Documents in one Place!

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Remembering your Passwords is now Easy!

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My DataManager

2020Wallet's My DataManager allows you to save all your data in one place. Save your Cards (Debit, Credit) and Documents (doc, docx, jpeg, png, txt, pdf, xlsx, xls) with a PIN. You just need to enter the PIN to access the data whenever needed. This smart wallet is safe and easy to access and you need not carry anything physically with you all the time. You can also edit, view, share and delete the files, cards at any time.

Be smart and reduce burden! ☺


My PasswordManager

It is hard to remember all the accounts passwords. My PasswordManager helps you save all important passwords securely in your digital wallet. It organizes all passwords and arrange them in groups for your easy access. You can also set Auto Login for your selected accounts with a simple swipe. Just enter your PIN and access all your accounts in no time.


Why 2020Wallet?

Look what this app has to offer

Why 2020Wallet?

2020Wallet helps YOU save all Credit/Debit cards, important documents like ID Cards, Driving License etc. and it also maintains all your passwords in a single Android app. Install 2020Wallet and keep track of your personal information right on your Android device. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

How We Built This App

How We Built This Awesome App

Little story of app development

Each one of us have a lot of personal data to be taken care of like bank cards, driving license, transaction passwords, important documents etc. Security of this data was the major concern.

We then came up with the idea to build 2020Wallet – Makes now possible to access all the information or data at one place, without worrying about losing it. It is your virtual wallet, where you can safely lock all your vital data, like your banking cards, driving license, lease documents, Car Registration, etc.

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