UnfoldLabs is all about innovation, passion and creativity. As a passionate team of strategists, creatives, and technologists, we are devoted to a culture that explores and cultivates, offering world-class products and experiences to both customers and suppliers!

Our can-do attitude will transform the seemingly undoable tasks to concrete solutions, turning risks and challenges to opportunities.

UnfoldLabs products are usually downloadable for users for appropriate platforms like mobile or various operating systems. There is also a cloud based web interface available for our users, clients & customers to review functionality/features.


  • Secures your applications in the device (System and Installed)
  • Pin & Pattern locks available
  • Auto lock option helps you lock newly installed apps
  • Enable & disable the lock for applications from 2020AppLock home screen
  • Advertisement free app – No Ads to annoy you while using the application
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  • Store all your vital data, like your banking cards, driving license, lease documents, etc.
  • Store unlimited documents and access them anytime
  • Save your passwords and other important documents in an easy manner
  • Organize your passwords & arrange them in groups
  • Secure access login to access your information anywhere
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  • Intelligently transfers user content across mobile platforms
  • iOS to Android, Android to iOS, Android to Android
  • Multiple data types supported – 1st in the industry
  • Transfers Quick & Simple

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  • Helps print from mobile/device to over 8000+ stores in the US
  • No setup required - simple & easy steps to print, payment at the store
  • Provides the cheapest options for selection
  • Choose stores based on location near you
  • Allows quick order from the Gallery
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  • Android Devices get Optimized
  • Allows Applications to be locked for Privacy
  • Stops User Information from being stolen by rogue applications
  • Saves Battery
  • Helps Manage Applications
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  • Reduces revenue leakage for App store owners
  • Redirects In-app billing calls from Google Play to App Store calls
  • Easy for developers to deploy apps without changes to multiple app stores
  • Simple, quick, automated steps for app deployment

Smart Data Solution

  • SAAS Based Ecosystem Play – SDK's for iOS and Android
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Understanding the Consumers
  • Smart Decision Maker, Artificial Intelligence