Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does UnfoldPrints Do?

UnfoldPrints is an app that allows consumers to print their pictures to about 8800 stores in the United States. After printing with UnfoldPrints, consumers can go to the stores and pick up their prints or choose an option to "Print to Home". The app is available to users in Android and iOS versions. Online home delivery option is available to Android version only.

2. Is UnfoldPrints available for iOS?

UnfoldPrints app is available for iOS version. But the users need to go to store to collect the prints. We will soon update "Print to Home" option also.

3. What versions of Android are supported by UnfoldPrints?

UnfoldPrints currently works on Android 4.0.3 and above.

4. Can I print my Facebook and Instagram photos using UnfoldPrints?

As of now – you can download the pictures/images from your social networks to your gallery – and then can print all your photos that are available in your gallery.

5. How do I know if my order went through?

After submitting your order, you will be getting an Order Confirmation Email Status to your email id.

6. How can I follow up on my Walgreens Pick up Order?

On submission of your order, you will get an order confirmation email to your email id. Once your order is ready for pickup, you will get another email from the Walgreens photo store.

7. How can I apply my Coupon Codes?

Once you select the print size on UnfoldPrints you will be automatically redirected to the Coupon Code page. The Coupon Code page will display the coupons available and you can apply any one of the coupons to proceed further.

8. How can I print photos from my phone to Walgreens photo Center?

Step 1 - Download UnfoldPrints from Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Samsung App Store or App Store.
Step 2 - Choose pictures, printing option and the print size you want. 
Step 3 - Choose the nearest Walgreens Store and pick up the prints from store when they are ready.

9. Do you allow Printing outside the US?

Currently UnfoldPrints is available only in the United States.

10. Do you ship Prints Home or can we pick them up at Store?

Both the options are available for Android users. iOS users need to pick up the prints from store.

11. How do I cancel an Order that was placed?

Once your order is placed - you cannot edit your order.

12. What file formats are supported by UnfoldPrints today?

UnfoldPrints supports JPG, JPEG and PNG Formats.

13. I have a few questions on UnfoldPrints – who do I Contact?

For help or Questions on UnfoldPrints, you can write/email us at

14. What can I print from UnfoldPrints?

You can print photo prints, flat cards, canvas prints & poster prints with UnfoldPrints.

15. Can I refer/recommend UnfoldPrints to my Friends?

Yes, we love referrals and recommendations. You can refer UnfoldPrints to your friends by clicking on the settings menu and select "Recommend Us" Option.

16. Can I check my Print Order History of UnfoldPrints?

Yes, you can check Print Order History by clicking on the Settings Menu and then click on "Order History".

17. Which are the App Stores UnfoldPrints is available at Present?

UnfoldPrints is available in the following App Stores.

  • Google Play
  • Amazon App Store
  • AppStore
  • Samsung Galaxy Apps Store

18. Is UnfoldPrints a Free app or Paid app?

UnfoldPrints is a FREE Mobile Application.

19. Whenever I launch UnfoldPrints – the tutorial keeps coming every time? How can I fix this if I don't want the Tutorial to be displayed on every launch?

On the UnfoldPrints Settings Main Menu – Turn OFF the Tutorial Settings.

20. I want my preferred settings to be saved – and reuse it every time I print – can UnfoldPrints help me with this?

Yes, UnfoldPrints allows you to set your preferred settings like Store, Size, Email Address, Name, Phone Number in Settings → My Profile. Once you set that up, when you want to print again – there are reduced steps to print.

21. Where can I get to know more about the Coupons available?

You can see the coupons available while using UnfoldPrints in the Coupons Page. You can also get to know more about the coupons at

22. Where are updates to product available?

UnfoldPrints has a dedicated web page at - - where product related updates & content are available.

Also check out our social channels at:
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23. Can I print Flat Cards photos from my phone?

Yes, you can print Flat Cards photos directly from your phone. Download the free UnfoldPrints application from play store.

  • Click on the Flat Cards.
  • Select the photos you would like to print.
  • Select the size and the nearest Walgreen store to pick up your order.