SecureME - An android application that allows businesses to restrict users access to only allowed applications on device!

Replace the Home Screen of your Android Device into a Self-Service Kiosk with a customized the look and feel with SecureME!!


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Allows locking and limiting applications to groups of users. One user can't view or access any other user’s apps.


Create and customize multiple home screens/kiosks depending upon the kind of user group.

Auto Launch

When the device reboots, it will automatically launch in the pre-set kiosk mode.

Hide Apps

All the restricted apps are hidden and are not visible in the kiosk mode to users.

WHY SecureME?


Create user groups on a single click and switch between different kiosk modes without any hassle.

Easy to Use!

Set your device to one or more applications that will launch automatically on power up.

Bespoke Home Screen

User can customize his home screen and each group can be themed.

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Helping Enhance the Focus Educational Institutions can create different kiosk modes and customize them as per student groups or grades. SecureME helps lockdown and hide all the unintended apps making sure that a student is thus focused.


Reduction in Unethical Usage SecureME can be used to run business applications or self-service kiosks where all other functions of the device are locked out! Enterprises can then distribute their official devices safely among the employees without any possibility of unethical and illegal use.


Flawless store management With enabled Kiosk Mode, the staff will be able to access only specific apps required for the store, saving on the unproductive hours.


Boost in Productivity SecureME can help the doctors/hospital staff to view only the needed/vital information without any distractions.


Just look out for our name in Google PlayStore & Samsung Galaxy Store -> Download -> Install and open the Kiosk launcher.
Open App -> Sign up/Sign in -> Allow usage data access in settings for SecureME. Now you are all set to use the app.
Menu -> Select Default launcher option. Now you can select any launcher as Default Launcher.
No, SecureME is absolutely free to download and install.
Select “+” on home screen and Create as many groups as you want.